The property workspace
Ad networks
Analytics Data
From now on, each property you set up in your AnyTrack account gets its set of configurations, analytics, ad networks and pixel integrations.
Analytics integrations
  1. Oauth authentication through facebook / google login
  2. Selection of analytics / pixel account
  3. Conversion goals mapping / labeling
  4. Connection with Ad accounts
  5. Enabling Server-side tracking (Personal + Advanced subscriptions)
👉 Follow the on-screen instructions.
Pixel Integrations
Why this change
Until now, the analytics and ad networks accounts were located in two different screens, which could cause some confusions and missed configurations.
Since Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics are measurement tools used to track both organic and paid traffic, we decided to group the settings within one screen.
The other core change is that each property gets its own pixel / analytics conversion labeling configurations.