Bug fixes & improvements
Analytics Data
AnyTrack Tag
bug fixes
Unbounce link tracking
Depending on the link settings (track goal or not), the URL structure is changing and AnyTrack was missing the outbound clicks.
Google Analytics Automatic Event Tracking
Until now, AnyTrack would automatically send tracked Events to Google Analytics, whether the GA account was configured or not in the AnyTrack /property account. While this feature was loved by most users, in some cases where the site has multiple analytics tag, it could cause some data issues.
👉 From now on, Events are sent EXCLUSIVELY to the GA account set on the property.
Conversion tracking replay
In some rare instances, a conversion could be sent to AnyTrack Postback and not being tracked. In the affiliate network Debugger, you could see the error
Can't Find Click ID
. This error usually occurs when the conversion is triggered before the Click Data has been processed.
From now on, when such errors occur, AnyTrack will "replay" the conversion.
Download CSV Report
We fixed the bug that would trigger a "network error" when exporting your CSV reports, and we've added new parameters to the report.
ClickBank API Missing Currency data
We mapped the ClickBank conversion types that would trigger conversion errors, due to missing currency parameter.
Internal Deeplinks
Some users have their own "deeplink" system which expose the offer link. Our AutoTag feature now supports these types of deeplinks
Affiliate links updates
New link structure have been mapped to the AutoTag function.
Awin, TradeDoubler, ShareASale.
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