Phonexa Integration
Affiliate Network Catalog
AnyTrack Tag
We've completed the Phonexa form tracking integration. Now you can host the standard Phonexa form on your site, and AnyTrack will AutoTag the form with a
Initially, the
value could only be passed from an optin form to the page where the Phonexa form was hosted.
Now, the form will be automatically tracked, whether you pass the
from an optin page or not.
What it means for you:
  • You don't need to tweak your optin form redirect script.
  • You can send traffic directly to the Landing page where you host the Phonexa form.
Current Phonexa ⚙
CellXpert Affiliate Software Integration
The CellXpert platform has been fully integrated in AnyTrack. You can now add any affiliate program running on the CellXpert platform.
👉 See how easy it is to set up
What it means for you:
  • AutoTag fully support any affiliate links from CellXpert
  • Postback URLs are fully preconfigured for
Taboola & Outbrain advanced setup
Outbrain pixel integration
We've added support for multiple pixels as well as more advanced conversion data configurations for both ad networks.
⚒ Configurations steps available in the platform.
📃 Read about the pixel integrations here.
Bug fixes & improvements
Analytics Data
AnyTrack Tag
bug fixes
Unbounce link tracking
Depending on the link settings (track goal or not), the URL structure is changing and AnyTrack was missing the outbound clicks.
Google Analytics Automatic Event Tracking
Until now, AnyTrack would automatically send tracked Events to Google Analytics, whether the GA account was configured or not in the AnyTrack /property account. While this feature was loved by most users, in some cases where the site has multiple analytics tag, it could cause some data issues.
👉 From now on, Events are sent EXCLUSIVELY to the GA account set on the property.
Conversion tracking replay
In some rare instances, a conversion could be sent to AnyTrack Postback and not being tracked. In the affiliate network Debugger, you could see the error
Can't Find Click ID
. This error usually occurs when the conversion is triggered before the Click Data has been processed.
From now on, when such errors occur, AnyTrack will "replay" the conversion.
Download CSV Report
We fixed the bug that would trigger a "network error" when exporting your CSV reports, and we've added new parameters to the report.
ClickBank API Missing Currency data
We mapped the ClickBank conversion types that would trigger conversion errors, due to missing currency parameter.
Internal Deeplinks
Some users have their own "deeplink" system which expose the offer link. Our AutoTag feature now supports these types of deeplinks
Affiliate links updates
New link structure have been mapped to the AutoTag function.
Awin, TradeDoubler, ShareASale.
👉 Need a custom integration, or you're missing a feature? Submit a request here.
FlexOffers Short lnks
Affiliate Network Catalog
Analytics Data
FlexOffers Short links are now AutoTrack and AutoTag.
Although we don't recommend using short links, FlexOffers and other providers like Hasoffers, ShareASale have short links which support subid tracking.
Data Tracking Group in CSS
Analytics Data
AnyTrack Tag
From now on, you can add the
attribute to the CSS associated with the link HTML element.
Until now, the
attribute could only be added as part of the link or element attribute.
Because some editors or landing page builders (ex: Unbounce) don't have "link attributes" settings, you were forced to either publish the direct link or find another tweak to add the
💡 What is the data-tracking-group attribute?
The data tracking group attribute is a "helper" that indicates to the AnyTrack TAG to which integration belongs the link. When present, it enables the AnyTrack TAG to "AutoTag" the link with the appropriate
👉 Learn more about AutoTag and Redirectless Tracking.
Conversion Events Screen
From now on the Conversion Events screen is directly accessible from the
property workspace
conversion events
What is the Conversion Events screen?
This is where you can easily access all conversions and engagement events generated by your property.
How to use the conversion events
You can filter and select the type of events (engagements, conversions) as well as the associated integrations. This view gives you instant insights on what can or should be updated.
It also gives you the granular data, and timeline of a conversion, so that you can either troubleshoot or better understand your funnels.
Webhooks settings
Webhooks are now accessible from this Conversion Events screen.
Not using webhooks yet? Learn more about What are Webhooks and how you can use them in your marketing stack.
Property Setup Tasks
Analytics Data
To streamline your property setup we've added a Setup Task which will guide you through the setup.
property tasks
  1. Add your Property
  2. Connect with Anytrack
  3. Connect with Pixels and Analytics
  4. Connect with integrations (Affiliate network, CRM, API)
Attribute outbound links
As soon as your property will get traffic and engagements, AnyTrack will log "unattributed outbound clicks". These links can't be attributed to an affiliate network or integrated partner.
When looking into the logs, you will be able to:
  1. see what links can't be attributed
  2. Where they are located
  3. Get instructions on how to "tag" them.
Facebook Pixel & Conversion API
Ad networks
Analytics Data
Facebook Integration update
From now on, you will be able to tailor the Facebook Pixel configurations to meet your specific business needs.
Facebook Pixel Standard Events
Until now, the conversion events sent by AnyTrack were all custom conversions (
Anytrack Sale
Anytrack Lead
). The reason behind this, was that we didn't want to "override" your pixel settings or send data that would not be properly mapped to your current tracking settings.
The problem with this method, is that a campaign would lose its optimization when switching to a new conversion type, or it would require the marketer to customize metrics within Facebook.
What has changed in Facebook Pixel integration.
  1. By default, the AnyTrack standard events are mapped to the Facebook Standard Events.
  2. You can remap the AnyTrack events to other Standard Events
  3. You can create your own custom conversion events*
Benefits of the new Facebook Integration
  1. Continuity - As soon as you plug with AnyTrack the standard events will continue to fill your pixel with data. So you can only improve your data collection, conversions and audience building.
  2. Zero configuration - Click & Connect to start tracking.
  3. Advanced configurations - In case you have some specific business goals, you can define them as you see fit.
*Requires further configurations. 👉 Follow on-screen instructions.
The property workspace
Ad networks
Analytics Data
From now on, each property you set up in your AnyTrack account gets its set of configurations, analytics, ad networks and pixel integrations.
Analytics integrations
  1. Oauth authentication through facebook / google login
  2. Selection of analytics / pixel account
  3. Conversion goals mapping / labeling
  4. Connection with Ad accounts
  5. Enabling Server-side tracking (Personal + Advanced subscriptions)
👉 Follow the on-screen instructions.
Pixel Integrations
Why this change
Until now, the analytics and ad networks accounts were located in two different screens, which could cause some confusions and missed configurations.
Since Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics are measurement tools used to track both organic and paid traffic, we decided to group the settings within one screen.
The other core change is that each property gets its own pixel / analytics conversion labeling configurations.
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